Xait uses Gnostix for effective social media marketing

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Xait uses Gnostix for effective social media marketing

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing our Norwegian clients on how they use Gnostix Business Intelligence platform for their online and social strategy – and in the execution of that strategy in the day-to-day functioning of the company.

We have found great value in Gnostix and we believe that all companies should be investing in their online marketing strategy using this tool.”  ~ A. Kostas, Marketing Coordinator at Xait


A little on the company

Xait is a Norway-based, innovative software development company, specializing in web-based database solutions. They provide customers with software for document publishing and collaboration. Since 2000 Xait has expanded beyond Norwegian borders and today their product, XaitPorter, is the preferred collaborative writing software for the oil and gas industry and is used by clients worldwide.

Xait on how they developed an online strategy, quickly & easily

Xait spoke with us in summer 2012 about helping them form and execute a social and online strategy for the company, and we suggested they adopt Gnostix as a solution that their own marketing department could use even without previous experience. One online demo later and they were sold on the idea!

Xait’s Marketing coordinator, Athanasios Kostas, started using Gnostix with no previous experience and found that within days he had mastered the tool and had enough of an understanding that he could effectively plan and implement a social strategy! He says, “I started using Gnostix with no previous experience, it took only a couple of days to learn how to use Gnostix – I found it very easy to use.  The daily email alert saves time & solves the problem of reacting instantly. I have a clear view of competitors and what they’re up to, and we are the first to know when there is a new trend in the market. We use Gnostix to remain leaders in the industry, and build important relationships. Also with Gnostix we get less noise, which is extremely valuable to us as it saves us time – in fact 80% of the results we get are relevant which is very impressive considering the sheer amount data online! Sentiment also is very useful in Gnostix – we have acted on negative feedback about our competitors!”

To hear what Xait has to say about how they became strategic and effective in their online and social communications, check out this short video

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