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What do people say about you?

Ok, so you went ahead and created your profiles on all the most common social media platforms, you also created a strategy and you have set your online marketing goals. You’ve even started going in and updating your social media platforms regularly in order to keep your audience interested…


But is this enough? Can this take you to the next level and justify your online marketing ROI? The answer is no – because you are overlooking one very important factor… listening to what your audience wants! Your audience should be the power that determines your marketing strategy and the goals that you set.

But how can this be achieved? How will you be able to find out what it is that the user wants and thinks, what he is missing, what he is interested in, what bothers him and what complaints the user has?

What do my customers really want?

All of this can now be achieved with an effective monitoring, analytics & reporting/ marketing tool to effectively locate – from the web and in real time – all the important discussions about your company, your products and your market. You can even “spy” legally on your competitors!

Cubik-S uses a Greek tool, Gnostix, for effective social media analytics and marketing.

Gnostix collects personalized results from the web depending on what is of interest to each business. The tool is 100% developed in Greece and has been designed specifically to monitor the global online AND Greek market, while it is the only platform that processes Greeklish. Gnostix uses an algorithm that is continuously trained and can recognize all results in Greek and Greeklish, and another 18 languages!

What we love about this platform is the extremely user-friendly interface which welcomes even users that have no previous experience with these technologies. Even non-experienced users can use Gnostix effectively very quickly and draw conclusions about their competitors or their own brand name. Ultimately, Gnostix will make a marketing expert and an industry thought leader out of every user.

So if you’re looking for ways to manage your reputation online, engage in meaningful conversations with current and potential customers, and find out what the major market trends are, you need to try Gnostix!

Translated from the original post by Petros Lytrivis of Cubik-S

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